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Why partnee

We aim to help freelancers build their online business identity to better showcase their experience.

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Partnee aims to build a comunity of freelancers with strong experience looking for mid to long term projects in the IT sector.

Transform your resume into this

Organize resumeOrganize your resumeStand out from your competition with a custom online portfolio, featuring a photo gallery, skills, projects, or courses. Get creative and let your work do the talking for you.
Easy to useEasy to useTake full advantage of the interactive dashboard to build your online resume and personalize it with an expanding library of themed layouts.
SharingShareable in every wayAccess your online portfolio from any device and share it directly, via a personal QR code, or download a printable PDF version at any time.

Who it’s for

Freelancers, contractors, remote workers, or anyone looking for a fully customizable online resume builder, to increase their chances of finding jobs and projects!

Emphasize skills

Showcase your technical and soft skills in your online portfolio. Partnee allows you to add any number of skills from any IT field!

Highlight projects

Show off the work you’re most proud of and stand out by enriching each project overview with the skills you applied.

Job tracking

Keep track of every stage of your job applications, from initial interview to receiving an offer with an easy-to-use drag and drop user experience.

Download your profile

Get a PDF version of your profile that you can send via email to recruiters or potential partners.


Personalize your theme to make your profile stand out and choose the most important categories to showcase on your profile.

Interactive dashboard

Get a quick overview of your profile, services, portfolio, courses, or certification, and publish or make your resume private.

Responsive design

Regardless of the device you use to access your online business profile, you can rest assured that it will always look sleek.


We make data privacy our priority and always allow you to choose what data you want to share with us and others.

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Check out John Doe`s resume as a DevOps Engineer


Check out Jane Doe`s resume as a Marketing Specialist

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Create your online business presence in minutes and focus on what’s really important: your work!

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