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About us

Partnee is a passion project born out of a need to help freelancers and remote workers alike in building their online portofolio and online resume.

More than that, we aim to help you in finding new projects by offering recruitment agencies ways to find their ideal partner.

A strong online presence is vital in a competitive market, which is why Partnee aims to be more than just an online CV builder. We want to be your most valuable partner in your career journey.

We wanted Partnee to be more than a simple online portfolio builder, offering a wider variety of options and overall more control over what you can highlight in your career. At the same time, being well-aware of the paralysis of choice, we also wanted to keep our platform easy to use, clean, and nonsense-free.

Why Partnee?

Just like you would exchange business cards in real life, in the online world you can exchange your Partnee profile.

  • Unlike other platforms where you can create your resume, we focus only on freelancing and consultancy.
  • It’s business-focused and nonsense-free.
  • It’s a clean and straight-to-the-point platform that can showcase your best project, experience, and skills.
  • Allows you to create an awesome online business identity, not just a simple online resume.
  • Build your own website in a few minutes and update it whenever you want.
  • Track the jobs or projects you apply to, from initial interview to final offer.
  • Share your online portfolio in any way, at any time - using a QR code, link or via PDF download.
  • Recruitment agencies will be able to find you based on your experience

Plans for the future

We have big plans for Partnee’s future, which involve stepping up our platform to become the missing link between professionals and recruiters. You’ll have the option of searching for jobs or projects, while offering recruiters or project managers a vast database of potential collaborators or employees with various levels of expertise.

‘Partnee’ stands for bringing professionals together and that’s our main goal for the future of this platform.

Stay tuned for future updates!